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Friday, April 27, 2012

Reaching for the Stars at Commencement

I can't believe it. I'm finally graduating. It's an incredibly exciting moment and still very much surreal. Photos will follow, but before then, I'd like to share with you an article posted on the MDC homepage about this year's stellar graduates, including yours truly.

I want to thank God, my family, friends, mentors, advisors, colleagues, co-workers and so many others who have helped make my dream to graduate come true. Your support and encouragement made all the difference in my life.

More than 13,000 Miami Dade College Graduates Reach for the Stars April 28

Miami, April 20, 2012 - ... From balancing school with full-time jobs and raising children as single parents to creating trailblazing, nationally-recognized projects that impact the community, their passion and commitment is inspiring. They also remind us about the power of family support, in and out of the classroom. Many are entering the workforce and others transferring to America’s most prestigious universities to continue their studies.    
Meet some of this year’s stellar graduates:
When Wolfson Campus student Jessica Giraldo walks across the stage to receive her diplomas in paralegal studies and pre-law, she will be the first in her family to achieve this dream. Among her relatives, her Colombian father will be there to see her fulfill the promise she made to him when she was 16. “I’ve always felt that I inherited their dreams. And they always encourage me to get an education,” she said. Giraldo went beyond her parent’s expectations. She was recently honored with a national 2012 Newman Civic Fellow award for helping to create the 305 Rise mentoring campaign. She has served as president of MDC’s Society for Law and Community Service, is a Paralegal Studies Advisory member, volunteered to preserve the Miami-Dade County Law Library, worked on projects with a local domestic violence shelter mentoring elementary school children, and the State Attorney’s Office, among others. She was also selected to attend a prestigious leadership seminar at Harvard University last year.  Her goal is to become an attorney.   


  1. Are you and I soul mates or what? This sounds exactly like the post I just put up! Congrats on graduating and I can't wait to follow you on Twitter. I have a feeling that we both have a lot in common. http://chezahree.blogspot.com/2012/05/arizona-state-universitys-hispanic.html

  2. LOL. Ces'Ari, I am so happy to have connected! Congratulations on your masters! I'm also considering a master's in education.

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  4. Oh, wow I just saw your post! I need to add some photos now lol :P